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Past Cases

An ongoing blog about past and oncoming Recovery cases.

Our Latest Blog Entry

15 January 2023

Meet Atlas!

Atlas is a 6 year old Grade Dun Pinto and is our latest Recovery Case.

Atlas was rescued by his current owner from less than ideal circumstances, and he is fully committed to bringing this sweet boy back to health!

Atlas is currently in very poor condition, has trauma to his genitalia, and needs to gain approximately 400lbs.

His current prognosis is fair at this stage.

Atlas is on a very specialized feed regimen here at EH, which looks like the following:

💙Frequent small feedings of washed and chopped Timothy Grass compressed hay.

💛 Step 6 Senior Feed in small feedings to avoid re-feeding syndrome

💙 B Solution for natural pain and inflammation management

💛 Nu Image for Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids, along with biotin (hair, skin, coat and hoof health and growth)

💙 Lysine, which is a protein building block for muscles, tendons and ligaments

💛 Stress Pack for electrolytes and necessary salts

💙 Fiberpsyll, which is a pre and probiotic to help restart his digestive system and restore his gut health

Stay tuned for updates on this gentle boy!

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