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Beyond Your Dreams. Within Your Reach...

Our Location

     Equine Haven Ltd is located on 47 acres in Wheatland County, next to a beautiful coulee that feeds into the Bow River Valley.  With large paddocks for private and semi-private turnout, and big fields for group turnout your equine will love the amount of space they have to roam and graze during the summer months.  The property is sheltered from the winds while still maintaining the incredible views of the mountains and far reaching prairies.  All of this is located just 25 minutes East of South Calgary!

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Our Philosophy

     At Equine Haven, we believe that every horse, regardless of value, deserves the highest level of care while allowing them to still be a horse. Daily turnout that enables safe interaction with other horses ensures both physical and social enrichment, which greatly contributes to all aspects of their health. Our feed program is designed with consideration to age, level of physical development, nutritional, and athletic needs.  Small, frequent feeds of hay four times daily, and grain twice a day allows their digestive system to work as it was designed to.

     We believe in communicating with our equine partners and handling them with the respect they deserve. This is accomplished by treating them as individuals, and taking time to learn about their unique personalities and needs.  Each horse is loved and cared for as if they were our own.

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Our Facilities

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Alberta Equestrian Federations 2022 Outstanding Stable/Facility Award Winners

We at Equine Haven, are honoured to have been selected for the AEF's Outstanding Stable/Facility Award after only two years in business!  It has been a lot of hard work along literal blood, sweat, and tears; but the payoff has been immensely rewarding.  This accomplishment has, of course, not happened in a vacuum.  It would not have been possible without the support and contributions of our students, boarders, employees, and countless individuals within the Alberta equestrian community.  We look forward to giving back to that community for many years to come.

Meet Our Team

We Work Best When We Work Together


Sadie Turko

Owner, Recovery Care/Barn Manager,

Head Coach 

EC Competition Specialist Dressage/Eventing/Jumping

EC Western Competition Coach

     Sadie believes in not just teaching a person to ride, but helping the rider and horse develop a relationship based on mutual trust and understanding. In the past her students have excelled in hunter, jumper and equitation classes at the Brandon Winter Fair, Heart of the Continent, Florida Winter Circuit, The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, Rocky Mountain Show Jumping, and Spruce Meadows.

Sadie's foray into Equine Recovery Care began with helping her grandmother heal rescued horses in the 1960s. Together they rescued, recovered, and re-homed over 50 horses. Over the last 35 years she has worked with veterinarians from Manitoba, Ontario, Florida, Alberta and BC to treat and heal injured and sick horses. In the veterinary communities where she has lived, Sadie has earned a reputation for being able to bring positive outcomes to seemingly hopeless cases. Many horses that would otherwise be prime candidates for euthanasia have been brought back to full health through her care.

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Heidi Pratt

Owner, Business Manager

Beginner Coach 

     Heidi Pratt has been working with, and riding horses since she was 10 years old.  She has successfully shown hunters under the tutelage of Sadie Turko, and has multiple championships to her name.  Unfortunately, in late 2019, she was struck by a vehicle as a pedestrian, .  She uses her 13 years of experience working oil and gas to manage the business end of Equine Haven; as well as, helping manage the property, and assist with the recovery horses.

     Recovery care became a part of Heidi's lifelong passion for horses when her personal horse Temeraire received a potentially career-ending injury as a 2-year old.  During a severe windstorm, he was struck by a large piece of sheet metal debris that lacerated his left knee to the bone and nicked an artery.  The vet was unable to come out due to the severity of the storm but her quick thinking and knowledge of equine first aid allowed her to stop the bleeding and save Temeraire's life.    



Alison Sousa


Barn Manager

Bio Coming Soon.

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Daniel Pratt

Owner, Facility Manager

Recovery Care Assistant

     Daniel Pratt is a Journeyman Electrician with over twenty years experience in the construction industry.  In addition to electrical,  he is an overall handyman with skills in everything from plumbing to mechanics. His true building passion however, lies in woodworking. So, in addition to keeping our facilities maintained and in good repair, he is primarily responsible for our jump construction business.

    Daniel has always had an affinity for horses, but his true experience with the equine industry started when he married his wife, Heidi Pratt.  In an effort to support his wife, he has learned how to work with, train horses on the ground, and ride.  He enjoys riding in parades, and trail riding, and has recently developed an interest in learning dressage which he plans cultivate into the future.

     Though he has always held and intense fascination with all medical science, Daniel's passion for Equine Recovery Care developed as he observed and assisted his wife with the horses that she has attended.

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Danielle Ralston

In House Massage Therapist

     Danielle Ralston is a certified Equine Massage Therapist, and the owner of Dreamer's Touch Equine Massage Therapy.  Danielle graduated from The School of Equine Massage and Rehabilitation Therapies at the top of her class in 2019 and has a passion for healing our beloved equine partners.  While administering massage, she practices natural horsemanship; using the request, response, and release approach. This allows the horse to guide her to the areas that require attention.  

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Paul Toman

In House Farrier

     Originally from Hayle, England, Paul attended The Pacific Coast Horseshoeing School in California, and now practices his craft in the Calgary area.  He has a wide range of clients, he might be working on miniature donkeys and 18+hh Hanoverian showjumpers one day, and zebras and Przwalski's Horses the next.  No job is too big, too small, or too exotic for Paul.  Beyond trims and shoes, he also has extensive experience treating all manner of foot injuries and rehabilitative care.

     Paul's unique talent for working with "difficult" horses is well known among his clients and comes through exceptional patience and a striving to make any farrier interactions a positive experience for the horse rather that just powering through.  He believes that regardless of where a horse comes from, be it pasture retiree, Police mount, or Calgary Polo pony, every animal deserves the time and care required to get its feet just right.

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Richard Tu​rk​o

Owner, Finance Manager

     Rick Turko is an accountant with four years of CGA training who has worked for 36 years in the financial sector.  He was also the bookkeeper, maintenance manager, and part time stable hand at the last facility that Sadie managed.  His experience and contribution to operating Equine Haven is invaluable.

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