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     Whether a high-level athlete or back-yard pasture pet, every owner knows that horses are extremely adept in finding ways to injure themselves.  After initial emergency treatment by a veterinarian, an injured animal enters a recovery period in which it will often need extensive rest and continued medical treatment as it heals. Tragically, many fine horses have ben either lost or were never able to fully recover from an injury due to improper or incomplete convalescent care.  This is often due to no fault of their owners; lack of time, inexperience, and inadequate facilities often leave horse owners with no choice but to turn to expensive long term care options to help their injured equine.  Unfortunately, due to the costs associated with such care and the lack of alternate, more affordable long term care facilities here in Alberta, many horse owners are face with either untenable financial hardship, or grim outcomes for their horse's long-term prognosis.  Equine Haven Recovery Care and Equestrian Center aims to fill this gap, by allowing veterinarians to refer clients to an affordable facility that can provide the best outcome for their sick or injured companion.

     At Equine Haven we have the facilities, resources, and expertise required to handle even the most serious cases of injury or illness once they have been cleared from emergency veterinary care.  Our staff has personally dealt with dozens of recovery cases, some of which were near fatal.  All but a few of these horses recovered to live full, healthy lives and many returned to full training and successful show careers.    

*Veterinary and past client references available on request* 

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Recovery Care Pricing


Stall Rest

$910/Month +gst (Basic)

$1150/Month +gst (Advanced)

  • Turn-out in small, individual pens to alleviate boredom associated with stall rest or 24hr Stall rest with cleaning 4x daily
  • 10'x12' Stall in a separate, heated facility
  • Fully sealed, rubberized flooring
  • Extra bedding for comfort
  • Complete feed twice per day, based on a specialized nutrition plan
  • 4-5 Hay feeds per day
  • Water intake Monitoring

  • Daily written reports and updates

Additional Services

  • Wound care and bandaging
  • Changing of IV bags
  • Supplements, detoxes and natural pain remedies available
  • Hand walking
  • Administering of prescribed medications (topical, oral, intramuscular, subcutaneous, and intravenous)
  • 24 Hour observation and critical care 
  • Final report detailing full treatment
  • Reconditioning and rehabilitation services

Please contact us for further information

The Gemini Foundation Fund is a non-profit formed by Danielle Ralston after the passing of her beloved equine, Gemini.  After his passing Danielle wanted to give back to the equine community & help other families struggling with vet bills and recovery.  Allocation of funds to assist with vet bills, or recovery care will be administered by Equine Haven and  will apply to any horse in recovery care at our facility.

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